Tuesday, August 25, 2009


dress 1
price: rm 30
condition: wore twice only.still in very good condition

dress 2
price: rm25
condition: wore once only. very good condition!

dress 3
price: rm30
condition: bought from online shop. so theres no chance for me to try on. its too small for me. recommended for those xs to s size girls.

dress 4
price: rm30
condition: wore once only. still in good size

dress 5
brand: MNG
condition: wore once only for my prom night. in excellent condition!
price: rm85

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bag 1
brand: roxy
condition: its not brand new. a few stratches but not very visible.
price: rm35
bag 2
brand: guess
condition: rarely use it. so its still in good condition
price: rm80
bag 3
brand: salvatore ferragamo( non authentic)
condition: i rarely use it, so yea its kinda new but not completely new. you know what i mean.
price: rm30
bag 4
brand: tropicana life
condition: i can say that its 90% new. i used it once only.
price: rm30